With everything in the days that passed by, I am who I am

I can change my life

29 December 1984
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I'd like to think of myself as the young, female version of John Stewart: short, Jewish, and funny. Only I'm not terribly funny, so I guess that's nixed.

I'm someone who's somewhere in that stage of trying to be an adult with the utmost reluctance. Most of the time, I prefer to be fantasizing about magical worlds and romances, so I'm usually not very concerned with politics, religion, or all that jazz. More specifically, I'm a recent graduate with a history degree, working as a barista while I try and figure out what comes next.

~~~Most all of my entries are friends-locked, just because some stuff I feel weird about just anyone prancing along and reading it. If for some reason you want to read more than what is public, add me and I will surely add you back. ^^~~~