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I finally just decided to make this friends only, since all my entries are pretty much always locked. I'm pretty much always open to new friends, so just let me know here if you add me and I'll add you back! :D
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Holiday Cards!!

Ready for holiday cards?? I love sending cards out, so if you would like a card, please comment here! Even if we haven't known each other long, I'd still like to send one, and outside the US is definitely fine too.

Just leave a comment and they will be screened and hidden. Please leave any notes on there about special instructions if you have any.

Also, if you also know Dania/Nami, the card will be from both of us. ^_^

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one-track mind. or two

I feel like all I ever post about is school or cosplay. Maybe that's because those are practically the only things I ever think about. But not for long! Yes, that's right, soon I will be done with school forever! Or at least unless I decide to go to graduate school. *shudders* I was mapping out my study-schedule and noticed that my graduation is less than 3 weeks away. Holy crap. It hasn't really sunk in yet, I don't think, that I'll be totally done. I just have to keep my eye on the prize and keep up studying.

That said, I'm having a veeeeery difficult time. Everyday it feels like I fall further and further behind, but then I just have to remind myself that as long as I pass these classes, it's okay. I don't have to get As or even Bs, but I sure as hell want to. I'll just hope for the best and keep going.

Mostly what I want to focus on is cosplay. I want to be sewing so badly, but I don't have any time to spare! At least I have a couple weeks after graduation before Sakura Con that I can devote almost entirely to sewing (and working, of course), and luckily not so many cosplays this year. I'm getting unreasonably excited to cosplay Suzaku with Sar as Lelouch from Code Geass. And i haven't even finished the series! Damn, I should have saved those cute icons Sar made and used on of those.

Anyway, off to sci/religion class, which I'll probably space off in and think about something anime related. Ah, I'm obsessed, but I don't really care. XD
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school:2; me:0

Alright, so this will be quick. Life is uber hectic right now, pretty much just due to school. To sum it up, I made a stupid mistake when going through all the graduation-application stuff, and just found out about it, so I have to take a couple extra credits to my already near-full load. I'll be working less, but I really, really need to get my act together, because school is majorly kicking my ass now, and I'm not going down without a fight. Therefore, I won't be online much and will be kind of... um... not available for socializing much. Not that I was ever much before, but really now. I keep having this worry though, that once I'm actually done with school and wanting to be a big social-butterfly, people will be like, "Uh... you barely talked to me before, forget you." >.< I really WANT to be hanging out with people, but I just shouldn't. BUT. I officially don't do anything on Saturdays, so that will be my one day to be social or catch up on online stuff. I will also be busting my butt on cosplay during that time.

I went to the optometrist to get a prescription so I could buy contacts online and found out I'm far-sighted. o_o I need to wear glasses for reading and computer now, and the optometrist thinks my headaches will decrease if I wear them all the time. So I ordered them today, and in a week, I'll join the ranks of four-eyed nerds! Pictures will be posted. ^^;;

Hope everyone's doing good!
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Day 3 of 8 day meme

*I had hot cocoa and read until I feel asleep, then napped with the cats on the futon. It was soo nice.
*Sar, Jess, Kate and I had a nice Christmas Eve feast with so much delicious food!


In 20 mins, it will be Christmas! ^_^ I'm a little excited, despite that I have to spend tomorrow in an airport. I'll make the best of it; I have books and my laptop, which can amuse me for hours.

Oh, and Hayden's okay! He's on anti-biotics and is the same sweet cat as ever.
Merry Christmas Eve and Happy 4th Night of Chanukah!
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Gay Bible stories, anyone?

I just have to survive this week. That's all. I will be holed up to cram like crazy for finals, and then it's over, and then I can start enjoying the Christimas season.

Anyone interested in learning about Biblical David's possible homosexual relationship? That was my topic for my latest paper in History of Ancient Israel, and since this is a topic that interested me personally, I figured some of you might find it interesting as well. Just for kicks, I'm gonna post it, and if you feel like reading a 10-page paper about gay Bible boys, have at it!

Just a note: I did this paper kind of in a hurry (big surprise), so I actually haven't proof-read it (honestly, I hate proof-reading) and it had a limit of 10-pages, so there's a lot that could be really expanded on. And naturally, it doesn't look as pretty copy-pasted into my journal, and all the footnotes are lost. My teacher gave me a 98/100 on it though, and wants me to submit it for some paper contest if I work it out a bit, so that's encouraging!
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can I be graduated yet?

Now that school is in full swing, my life has returned to a flustered blur of one thing after another. Luckily, after 4+ years of this, I feel like I’m pretty used to it. Actually, kind of sadly, this lifestyle seems most normal to me at this point. As soon as school started and I got back into it, I felt a kind of… ehh, relief isn’t the right word, but a kind of falling back into a comfort zone. Whatever the adjective for that is. That’s not to say I was glad to be done with summer. Quite the opposite, naturally, but in summer I feel a distinct discomfort at having some free time. Oh, what a Capricorn I am.

I feel like throughout a lot of my school career, I’ve used school as an excuse for my added misery. I’m sure I don’t need to remind anyone of my countless entries bemoaning how stressed I am and how school has deprived me of a social life, etc etc. And it’s not like school is entirely innocent—it has, rightfully, kept me very busy. But instead of using it as an excuse for not doing things, I want to challenge myself to fit stuff in. I’m a firm believer that, if you don’t like something in your life and it can be changed, change it. As much as possible I try to do that. And of course, there’s probably different opinions on what can be changed in life, but I tend to feel there’s very little in life that absolutely has no chance of being changed. It’s just one of my pet peeves to listen to someone complain about something they could be taking actions to change.

And so, I’ve been trying to take little steps towards that. There’s a lot I felt I couldn’t do while I’m in school, but with a bit of experimenting, I think I’m finding a good balance. Like, I figured I just didn’t have time to work out while in school, but I’ve been trying to go to the school gym 3 times a week in between classes. And while I do go with the goal of looking better (um… who doesn’t?), I actually like working out, or I probably wouldn’t do it.

I also claimed I couldn’t do any pleasure reading while in school. But as long as I don’t prioritize it over my school reading, why shouldn’t I? So I’ve been allowing myself short breaks in between studying when I can read a book for pleasure. It means I get through a book very slowly, but it’s better than not reading at all.

There’s other stuff too that I’d like to start incorporating in, like sewing, both cosplay and also clothes for BJDs, and maybe going to Temple on Friday nights (I’ll have to have an entry about religious matters sometime). So far, things are working out okay, and I feel a lot happier for working in non-school activities I enjoy to take some stress off (plus, working out releases endorphins, which helps). The only thing I’ve noticed is that I’m pretty physically exhausted all the time. I think as time goes on, I’ll be more settled and hopefully that’ll go away. I’ve been thinking about starting to develop a different schedule too, where I take Saturday off from both work and schoolwork to just get other things done and relax a little (plus, it’s the Sabbath XD), and then going to the school on Sunday and spending most of the day in the library, where there won’t be the comforts of home to tempt me away from studying. That can’t start until next week though because I have a midterm coming up.

All that said, I am feeling a bit of pressure building up. I don’t have really much free time, even with trying to incorporate free-time in, and I’m getting reaaaally sick of some of my class reading. I have a couple papers coming up and I’m slacking horribly on those. The reading is just piling up and it just takes SO long to get through. My classes are fine and all, but the senioritis is definitely kicking in.

I got a pumpkin today, but I’m not sure if I’ll carve it. I hate getting the goopy insides out and I’m not very good at carving pumpkins, but if I do carve it, I wanna do Ichigo’s hollow mask. ^_^ As far as Halloween goes, I have no idea what our plans are except we want to do Silent Hill costumes for it. I’ll be doing Eileen, since that’s my specialty XD.

Okay, no more for now, I will attempt to do some more studying before I throw in the towel. I need one of those headbands that Japanese students wear, doesn’t it symbolize “struggle” or something? That’s me!

PS I cannot stop listening to Macross Frontier music. o_o someone stop me.
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Kumori Con 2008 post!

Okay! I'm feeling much less-bitchy now that it's the weekend, so here's my Kumori Con update. ^_^
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So! That’s the long and long of it. I worked pretty solidly this last week, as my last entry bitched about, and I unfortunately work a lot this coming week too. >.< Tomorrow I work 11 ½ hours with an hour in between jobs. Granted, some of the time I think the kids I’m with will be sleeping, but still. X_x Luckily I have Friday through Sunday off. School’s going to start soon, so I’m trying to work as many hours as I can before I have to go back to part time.

Also, a note: we’re going to be going to Aki Con in Everett Nov 7-9! Anyone else going? It’s the first year of this con, and baby-cons are just so fun. ^_^ It’ll be nice to have a little con before the Spring, and we won’t be doing any new costumes for it, so it’s more stress-free. Anyway, before this turns into a novel, I’ll wrap it up. Hope everyone else had a good time at Kumori!
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Not that I'm very social anyway on the internet, but I thought I would give a heads-up that I'm going to Spokane/Cd'A for about a week starting tomorrow, and my parents told me that their wireless is down. D: I think I can still use their computer to check stuff, but this means no lazily surfing the net for hours after they go to bed, sigh. I guess I'll just have to watch Bleach like crazy, you know, because that's SO hard for me to do. XD I just can't wait to go to Sarah's lake house and go swimming and eat her mom's delicious food. *_* Oh yeah, and see my parents too. >.>;; Probably a better update coming at some point!
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sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy

My Greek professor decided not to show up today, and I debated just going home and skipping my next class, but being a good person won out, so I'm here waiting for noon and thinking I should update.

I feel like there should be a lot to say, but for one, I'm not sure how much I want to talk about here, and for two, I feel kind of at a loss right now. Things are going, I'll say that. Every day is different in terms of work, school, and personal life-issues, and I'm surprisingly chipper throughout it. That's the sunlight and the medicine working right there, because life sure doesn't seem to be throwing me roses right now. Or however that phrase goes. @_@

Anyway, enough of the vague-angsty-ness. On the school front, it just gets more busy every day that I get closer to graduation, it feels. I keep feeling like I don't want to do anything anymore and I just want to rest, but it's not really an option right now. I'm definitely going to be doing Fall 2008 and Winter 2009 quarters, but it looks like Winter 2009 should be my graduation time. In the meantime, I'm thinking of looking into some sort of unpaid internship for this summer, which will make me immensely busy since I'll still be working at whatever got I end up at. I could probably wait for after graduation to look into internships, but it's difficult to find paid internships (and if they do pay, it's usually not much), and I'm going to be needing to get some form of career on path after I graduate, which a previous internship will really help with. I dunno, we'll see what happens.

Work is good and bad, as anything. Somedays I feel like strangling all my coworkers, somedays I feel like dancing down the halls. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration. I haven't gotten to be with the babies much lately, which is depressing, but as long as they don't put me in the school-age room (which they do sometimes) I'm okay. I swear, when I have kids, I'm going to find a magic potion that won't let my kids age beyond 7. Or something. School agers push me to the limit, man. Supervising is fine, per usual, I just don't like telling people what to do, and since that's my job, I'm in a bit of a pickle. But I usually ignore my self-conscious side and put on a confident mask, and I take on a tone in my voice that I noticed I've developed--I call it my "boss voice." I can be talking totally normal with one of my coworkers, and then they start to tell me something that is concerning them that I can supposedly take care of, and I can hear myself talking to them in this strange tone that's different from my "customer voice." It's very eerie. All that being said, I'd like to have a different job this summer, probably, or something were I can make tips. *greedy*

Con is SO soon! I break up my time between school work and sewing right now, and it's hard to say how things are going right now. For example, I'd say, "Oh, things are good, I feel great about stuff, I think getting everything done will be no problem!" today, and then a week from now I may be totally freaking out. Imagine me the week before con. If you live around me and have to deal with me everyday, you probably know I'm a little freaky the week before con. But aren't we all? I just start having these emotional fits and yelling matches with my sewing machine and I wonder if this year will be any different. I still remember the night before we left for AX (and other factors must be taken into consideration, as we were driving there, meaning a 2-day road trip to leave for), and Ian and I had a miscommunication at around 3 am in which I waited up for a half-hour or so for him, half asleep and miserable, to pick up our house-key so he could cat-sit, only to find out her got it from Sarah and Jessie. I kicked things around, cried, and then was so upset I couldn't get back to sleep for a really long time, which sucked big balls since we were leaving at around 9 am that morning. Hahaha, I look back and laugh now at that story, but how upset I was! I'm a funny, funny person. Luckily, no large road trip plays into Sakura Con, and I've really got a good chunk of the costumes done, so I feel confident there will be no crying fits this year. I promise nothing to my sewing machine.

But besides all the preparation, I'm feeling so excited for it! I say that to everyone, people must be sick of hearing me babble about it. But I'm reallye excited for the group we're staying with at the hotel, and I feel like there's a lot of people online that I want to "meet" with and pal around with, plus there's this awesome girl from my history class who I just found out is into cons and cosplaying, so hopefully I can pal around with her too. I'm excited about the costumes and just... everything. ^_^ T'will be great fun, I have no doubt.

After the con, we start right back into Spring quarter, and that weekend following I'm planning to go to Spokane Valley to cat-sit Snicker for my parents while they're in Yuma. Poor, old Snicker. My parents just get really worried about her because she's so old, and they're going to be gone a week or so, so I'm going to make the 5-hour drive to just chill out in their awesome, big house by myself. Maybe I can convince Whitters to come stay with me and we can chill together.

Alright, class soon approaches, I must be off. *mwah* to everyone!
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